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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

News: 04/17/2016

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   A new social network platform is desired, due to Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter censorship of conservative voices and "offensive" nonsense.

   When you want people to find your presents online, people usually spit up their instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, etc... there should be one page where you have all your content.

   On Facebook you cannot put your own background or arrange your profile how you like. You are but a number, no creativity to your profile and your information is whats for sale.

   Artificial Intelligence & Algorithms ~ People hate all of this censorship and some hive-mind computer telling you what you're allowed to hear and see.
GabHub will use all of these site's APIs to, with your permission, grab the links of all of your photos, video, blog, and status updates and place them on your GabHub profile; merge everything to your single page.

   Customization ~ Videos, Pictures, Blog posts, Status posts, etc, will have their own custom box. You'll be able to add/remove these boxes, change their size, and placement on your profile. Usually status posts are in the center of a page, you can move that to the side and put all of your videos in the center and make that box maximized.

   Content ~ Each box grabs assets from whatever sites you've posted to. So if you post videos to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, or whatever platform you use, all of those videos will grabbed and linked to your Videos box.

   Privacy ~ I want privacy to be simple, top right of your content boxes, you'll be able to hide or adjust your privacy for each box with 2 clicks, delete a video link, etc.

   CENSORSHIP ~ Using raw data from APIs, if there is someone you subscribe to on GabHub that posts a blog, picture, or video that is censored by youtube, twitter, facebook, etc - GabHub grabs that content and notifies you of the new content posted by the person you're subscribed to; bypassing corporate censorship and all that BS.

   SECURITY ~ I love SHA512 encryption, the military can't crack it and its lightyears ahead of MD5 encryption. You can choose to have your chat saved for you to see your own history, or have it erased every time you log out. All messages will use this wonderful SHA512 crypt.

   GET PAID ~ On your page, there will be an Html5 content box you can put your own Advertisments on, such as Google Adsense. The more popular person you are, the more money you earn for yourself - and google pays you :)

   MASSIVE DATA ~ How the HELL is GabHub going to host all of the internet's data without a trillion dollars?! -- Easy, all content, in the beginning, will be hosted on the current sites, and viewed/seen on your GabHub page using nerd coding magic double rainbows.

   Funding ~ I already have the plans of how the site database and systems operate, but I cannot code something this big myself without bugs/exploits, I will have to hire several geeks to work with me. When I find the right people first, I'll start crowed funding so we can make this a reality. Government and corporations will not be able to censor content anymore using this platform's method, also artificial intelligence and algorithms are not needed since this is so simple. GabHub will be powered by Human not AI. It's a step in the right direction.

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